Use Content Advertising in Marketing

Picture From Google 1 Introduction and Definition of Content Advertising Marketers always think about how to expand the brand’s awareness, advertising is a very important way. However, the situation is that customers do not like the advertising to bother the show they are looking, or just skip it. There is another kind of advertising which […]

5 Advice for a Successful Small Business Saturday

Picture from 1 The Introduction of Small Business Saturday We just finished our shopping for Black Friday, there is another shopping day after the Black Friday but before Cyber Monday–Small Business Saturday. It is the first time that I know this shopping day. Small Business Saturday is registered by American Express corporation and started in […]

Reasons The First Marketing Strategy Isn’t Working, and What to do About It

Picture from: Companies need strategies to develop, it is a good start. Unfortunately, failure is always an option in business, sometimes the strategies can not work as what managers thought. The result could be totally different from strategy. 1  4 Reasons why the strategy does not working well Jayson Demers wrote an article about the reasons why […]

The Basics of Branding

Picture from: 1 The Definition of Branding Branding is used to describe the process of building a company’s significant and different image in customers’ minds, aimed to attract and maintain loyal customers. The process including create the name, the image of product, the package, logo, website and etc. Mainly through the advertising campaigns. Branding is […]

Coupons Are a Major Purchase Influencer

1 Research About the Coupons’ Influence on Purchase It is interesting to do some research about the influence of coupons on purchase , according to a September 2016 survey from Bazaarvoice and CMO Council,“More than 70% of US internet users said their purchase decisions were influenced by coupons and discounts. No other influence was popular with more than 50% of […]

The 10 Most Valuable Global Brands in 2016

1 The Definition of Brand Value Brand Value presents the value of future cash flows about the brand, it always be measured through staff retention, customer loyalty. So the brand value could be positive or negative. Customers are willing to pay extra money to brand with a positive brand value. Every companies are pursuing a […]